Complete Guide on Free Roulette

If you want to add a little bit of spice to your gaming, play roulette online and watch as the wheel spins its way to change your fortune. Roulette is quite exciting and full of thrill, keeping you on edge with every spin as the ball lands on the wheel. Coined from a French term that means little wheel, it may seem like a simple spin-and-win kind of game, but it has odds and calculations with in-depth analysis. As a beginner, you may think that all you need is to click the play button and wait for the rewards; but, you must learn the rules and understand the features to have fulfilling gameplay. 

To become a skilled player, you need to study the game, practice and enhance your gaming skills. Our review site seeks to assist players to boost their wins by excelling at the casino roulette game of wheels.

How to Play Online Roulette

Regardless of the odds and analysis, it is quite a simple game to understand. Once you know what the game is all about, for instance, the ball, the wheel, and the board, you will have the upper hand. Most casinos in Canada feature roulette free play for both beginners and experienced players who may want to have fun. 

So, what does the game entail? In a snippet, the European roulette table, which is quite popular, has pockets numbered from 1 to 37 pockets, while the American has 38 with a 0 green pocket. The pockets have black and red colours alternating on the board. There is a small ball that rolls when the wheel begins to spin, and you have to predict where it will land. Players can bet on several options – red or black, odd or even, or from number 1-18 or 18-36. 

There are other betting options for the seasoned punters, such as street, split, line, corner bet, to name a few. You can carry out more comprehensive research to learn more about the rewarding wagering options. When you play roulette, you are competing with the casino and not other punters.

 Guide on Free Roulette

Variants of Roulette Online Game

Most punters enjoy playing different variants of the roulettes casino free gameplay. Roulette online free play comes in many variations that you can’t afford to miss. Apart from the famous American and European, the following are variants that will leave you yearning for more roulette free action:

  • French 
  • Multi-ball 
  • No-Zero
  • Multi-wheel
  • Live roulette

Where to Play Roulette Free Games

With many gaming platforms emerging online, it is quite challenging to know the best casino with a positive reputation at first glance. We advise punters to carry out extensive research about particular casinos that are of interest. It will not only save you from future risks but also help you to pick only the best. Below are some of the top-rated gaming casinos in Canada where you can access online roulette free play:

Casino License  Payout Percentage
Jackpot City Malta Gaming Authority 98.76%
Betway Malta Gaming Authority 96.87%
Spin Malta Gaming Authority 98.34% Gibraltar Licensing Authority 97.45%
Royal Vegas Malta Gaming Authority 97.89%

Tips to Play Roulette Game 

While you may think that free roulette online games are for entertaining and you do not require any strategy to play and win, then, you are wrong. Just like any other casino game, you need a few tricks to come out a winner on the other side of the wheel. Below are some of the tips you can apply on any free roulette game:

  • Pick reliable casinos

One of the most critical aspects of gaming that impacts the overall casino experience is picking a reliable online casino. It does not matter if your preference is to play roulette for fun; you must still select the right gaming platform.

  • Study the game

Play roulette for free and acquaint yourself with the features of the game. If you want to excel in the wheel game, you better prepare your casino notes.

  • Save your profits

As much as you may be tempted to stake back your profits, it is never a good idea. Keep aside a certain amount of your payouts and continue betting with the remaining cash. It not only prevents bankroll losses but also gives you satisfying gaming experience.

  • Bankroll management

Set aside a specific amount of gambling money to encourage responsible gaming sessions. Managing your bankroll is a critical aspect; it ensures that you do not exceed your limits.

  • Select European variant

Although numerous variants are available in most gaming platforms, the European is quite rewarding 

  • Practice 

Perfect your gaming skills by exploring the free roulette game as a means of practising to learn the exciting game.


Is the free roulette game similar to the real play?
Yes, the free version has the same game features and offers the punters the same casino experience as the real play.
Can I play roulette online free without opening an account?
Yes, you must sign up on your desired online casino to access the free play just like the real play version.
Can I use the bonuses on the free online roulette?
No, you can only use the bonus offers on the real-money version.