All You Need To Know About Online Craps

While games like blackjack and poker seem complicated to understand, craps is a dice game that is quite enthralling and keeps the punters on the edge of their seats. When game enthusiasts gather to roll the dice, the entire casino lightens up with vibrancy and expectation, eagerly waiting for the outcome. It is one of the old-school classics that appeal to the seasoned players since it has been around from the days of the land-based casinos. With technological advances, the gaming industry has undergone a complete revolution as more gambling portals continue to emerge on the Internet. Ardent gamers can now access the craps casino game online without the trouble of lining up to play the game as it was in the land-based casinos. 

Our detailed review reveals all there is to know about a craps casino game, how to play and the benefits of online gameplay.

How to Play Craps Online

Before you get lost in action, make a point of learning the rules and features of the game. You can quickly familiarize yourself with the game by accessing the free craps online, where you do not have to stake money to play. One of the reasons why most punters today love virtual casinos is because of the competitive odds. 

Casino craps involve rolling two pairs of dice on the casino paytable and awaiting the outcome. You are supposed to predict the results of the numbers that the two dice will show after rolling. Here, you are playing against other players as well as the banker. Although it may sound simple, in between lies profound calculations of the odds. Thus, make a wise decision before placing your bet. 

If you want to stand a better chance at striking winning combinations, ensure that you pick a genuine casino with a positive reputation online. Also, take advantage of the hefty bonuses to zoom your payouts significantly. Practice more on the free craps game to grow into a better player when you switch to the real play.

Type of Bets to Play Craps 

Unlike most of the other casino games that have many variations, craps is a unique game with one variant. The physical casinos usually play only one version. When it comes to the virtual casinos, the variety is revealed through the numerous betting options. You can choose to place single roll bets or multi-roll wagers in different gaming sessions. Right bet and wrong bets are also options that will be used to determine the outcome. Other popular bet types include proposition, place, field, come and don’t come, pass and don’t pass, to name a few. Ensure that you carry out in-depth research to learn more about these bet types and their application.

Recommended Online Casinos To Play Free Craps

The virtual casinos are on the rise due to the high demand of game enthusiasts looking to have a good time and to cash out great rewards. You can access craps free gameplay with ease and convenience either on your desktop computer or smartphone. Here is a list of top-tier gaming platforms featuring craps for free:

  • Party Casino
  • Europa
  • Slots Heaven
  • Royal Panda
  • Leo Vegas

Why You Should Play Craps Online

Virtual gaming has revolutionized the casino industry as more games are now available online.

 Online Craps

Anytime you want to experience the thrill of the casino, you can quickly login to your favourite casino, and you are good to go. Playing craps online free gameplay has its merits and below are reasons why you should continue to play on the virtual casinos:

  • Variety

Online casinos are home to a vast collection of other casino games, apart from craps. You can enjoy different variations as you improve your casino skills.

  • Convenience

Nothing is as exciting as playing your favourite craps game at any time. You do not have to wait to get home to your computer any more. Grab your mobile and start rolling the dice at your convenience.

  • Competitive odds

Unlike physical casinos, virtual gaming houses offer high odds that will earn ardent players decent rewards.

  • Entertainment 

Ultimately, all game enthusiasts love to have a good time. When you play craps online, you are assured of an exceptional gaming experience filled with fun.


Do the casinos in Canada have live craps?
Yes, most of the top-rated casinos offer different variations of the craps, including live craps.
Is free online craps similar to the real play?
Yes, all the game features in the free play are the same as the ones in the real gameplay. The only difference is that you play without money.
What is the minimum wagering limit in craps?
Craps is a game that appeals to both low coin gamblers and the high rollers. You can select denomination values from $1 to $1,000, depending on the online casino that you are using for your gaming activities.